Green Bamboo

Tourism is one of the world's biggest industries and has the power to change places and the people who live there for better or for worse. It can destroy the natural environment, or it can help locals and visitors alike to recognize and protect its value. At the forefront of this is ensuring that local communities and businesses benefit from the economic opportunities afforded by tourism. If this can be achieved in a way which protects the natural environment, and facilitates the preservation of traditional culture, then everybody wins.

At Bamboo Trails we use local service providers, small-scale hotels and B&Bs in order to maximize the benefits of tourism for locals. At the same time by minimizing our environmental footprint, and actively seeking to improve environmental and social conditions, we aim to leave places better off than we found them. We go about this in a variety of ways, from obvious responsible travel practices, to beach cleanups, community exchange programs, and charity fund-raising challenges.

By traveling with Bamboo Trails you can be assured that we will adhere to a rigorous code of environmental and social responsibility, but if you would like to take this a step further and incorporate an environmental or charitable element directly into your itinerary then please let us know and we will happily build this into your trip.