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Bamboo Trails

When it comes to travel, our guiding principle is that less is more....

Less people per group and less destinations per tour mean more time in each place, more interaction with local people and more insight into the communities and environments we encounter. Bamboo Trails offers roads less traveled, for those who want more from their journeys.

Specializing in Taiwan, a tiny glistening jewel in the Pacific, Bamboo Trails was established by Simon and Tot Foster, who have called the island home since 2003. Like bamboo, we are green and growing fast, and offer an exciting range of tours to this spectacular but often overlooked destination. With fifteen years of experience running trips and writing guidebooks throughout Asia, we offer professionally led tours presenting the real "other China" up close and personal.

As well as the taking in the island's undisputed highlights, which include the world's deepest marble gorge and best collection of Chinese art, East Asia's highest mountain, and Asia's tallest building, our tours include: visits to orphanages, overnight stays at monasteries and aquariums, scooter rides around remote Pacific islands, morning tai chi sessions, cooking classes, and beaches, bike rides, hikes and hot springs galore ...

We also love China, the Philippines and India, and have crafted a few select tours to each of these destinations.

竹zhú: bamboo [n]bam-ˈbü Any of various woody or arborescent grasses (as of the genera Bambusa, Arundinaria, and Dendrocalamus of the subfamily Bambusoideae) of tropical and temperate regions having hollow stems, thick rhizomes, and shoots that are used for food. The jointed stem of bamboo is used especially for building, furniture, and utensils. Typically fast-growing, bamboo is considered a symbol of regeneration in traditional Chinese culture.

徑jìng: trail [n]treɪl A route, path or way through the countryside, often made or used for a particular purpose.

竹徑zhújìng: bamboo trail, or as we like to think of it "the road to renewal, refreshment and regeneration ..."